“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” ~Robert Bresson, French Film Director

Anna is an Emmy Award- winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia producer. She delivers fair and ethical reporting, and writes, shoots and produces high-quality videos for diverse media outlets and clients. She serves audiences on various platforms as a director, host, writer, photographer, and cinematographer.

Anna combines multimedia and journalistic skills to tell thought-provoking and diverse human stories. She believes in importance of visually portraying places and people with strong messages, unique lifestyles and distinctive personalities. Anna deeply connects with subjects of her films, and, through interviews, discovers important moments of change, passion, happiness, struggle and unbroken spirit. Anna, like many other storytellers, journalists and documentary filmmakers, is convinced that everybody has a story and the world is shaped by the art of storytelling.

In her documentation, she sees most powerful narratives derive from their abilities to change, persuade, influence and enrich lives and behaviors of others. Her visual style embraces simplicity and aesthetics of modern filmmaking, as she strongly believes content and powerful stories are superior to special effects and beauty shots.

As a Polish-born producer, Anna brings a different and valuable perspective to stories she covers from Tucson, Arizona.


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